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1. Check if your roof is leaking – If you suspect your roof is leaking look for signs of wear on the shingles. Specifically look for curling on the edges of the shingle or broken pieces in your gutter. You can also pour some water or hose the suspected area and check for leaks below.

2. When to replace a roof – If your roof is 20 years old it’s probably time to begin considering a new roof. There are much better products available now too which means you can probably keep the new one for up to 30 years or more.

3. Repair vs New – If you don’t have any long term plans of staying in your current home then repairing it is the best option. You can add a layer to repair leak damage, and this will be more affordable than a new roof but better than a simple roof repair.

4. What type of Shingle? – The most common shingle type is asphalt shingles because they offer durability, affordability and come in a great variety of styles and colors.

5. Metal Roofing – Metal roofing is more expensive than shingle but is EXTREMELY durable, lightweight and offers additional benefits in energy efficiency and weather resistance.