We’re looking for bright empathetic individuals who are ambitious, outgoing and determined to make their mark on the world. If thats you, why not make your mark by making a difference?


AHS believes that in order to advance as a company, we must also help each individual grow and progress as well. The one thing you can count on while working at AHS is that you will always be rewarded for making a positive difference. You’ll never be denied opportunity and most importantly will always be respected and appreciated for your hard work.

More then anything AHS is committed to making a difference and was founded on the principle of helping those in need. At AHS we’re more then just a national restoration company. We’re a helping hand communities can depend on.


AHS offers a number of different opportunities.  Tell us about yourself and let us know what you are interested in!                                                                   

                                                       Sales Lead Generator (self employed) 

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Earn a % of the Sales Price by helping to generate new business for AHS with no required work schedule.
By recommending AHS to a friend, stranger, family member, co-worker, neighbor, by a door knock, by telemarketing, passing fliers out, etc.
Once you find any interested prospects  you will only need to fill out our Referral Submission Form on our website to qualify for your commission if sold. This is an easy way to make extra money while helping others receive quality craftsmanship at a fair price.  It’s a win-win situation!


We consider our support staff the backbone of the company. Dealing with day to day operations such as scheduling adjuster meetings and company activities, to organizing and prioritizing large volumes of information and calls. AHS administrative professionals are masters at technology, have top-notch interpersonal and communication skills and are able to manage projects, track and organize while being creative at solving problems. Most importantly they have the willingness to learn, grow and accept new challenges.



SALESSales/Project Management

If our support staff where the backbone of AHS, then the Sales Team would be the heart of the company. How would you like to join our national Storm Team? As a storm remediation specialists, you’ll experience traveling to different parts of the country while having the opportunity to help those in need. Maybe you have a strong background in home remodeling and would like to be a part of our retail division? As long as you are a highly self motivated professional who’s dependable and has drive, you’ll fit right in with the rest of the AHS Sales force.




The arms and legs that get the job done! At AHS, we consider home remodeling to be somewhat of an art form. We believe the best installers are the one’s who pay attention to detail and take pride in their work. If that sounds like you, AHS is looking for experienced and talented Installation Specialists in all different trades of home remodeling. If your a hard worker with a passion for perfecting your craft, come join a team where you will always be appreciated and rewarded for your hard work.



Social Media Management

Have fun working with a growing company and doing what you love to do. Post on AHS’s social media sites, write artichles for our blog and take pictures. Help inform the public about all of the things that we are accomplishing. Help us stay connected to our customers


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