Storm Damage:


Emergency Services: 888-444-8023

Unpredictable weather, strong storms, hail storms, high winds and more can cause damage to your home, roof leaks and missing shingles.  American Home Specialists are highly experienced in applying emergency roof tarps, replacing missing shingles, repairing shingle wind damage and containing and emergency roof leaks. Read more


Wind Damage: 888-444-8023

High  wind speeds can cause significant damage to property. Hurricanes, cold fronts, strong areas of low pressure and even simple thunderstorms can produce winds strong enough to cause damage and threaten buildings and boats. Understanding the level of threat posed by sustained winds at high speeds can help you to minimize the risks to property and physical well-being. Read more



roof damage

Hail Damage: 888-444-8023

In many parts of the US, hailstorms are a way of life. For many homeowners it’s not a question of whether a hailstorm will hit, but when damaging hail will hit. Many areas in the U.S. receive hail six or more times a year and many homes are damaged every year. By definition, hail damage is any damage resulting from hailstones and hailstorms. Hailstones that are 0.75 inches or greater are large enough to cause substantial damage to homes, automobiles & property. For comparison, 0.75 inches is the diameter of a penny. Read more



flooding bathroom interior ( 3D rendering )

Water Damage: 888-444-8023

Water damage is one of the most common reasons people have water damage issues is burst pipes, leaky appliances and flooded basements often..

If you have a dishwasher leak, you’ll probably have to replace or repair the damaged hose at your own cost. If a sudden, unforeseen problem such as a frozen pipe leads to water damage, your home insurance covers repairs to both the broken pipe and your home and furnishings. Read more


Tree Damage: 888-444-8023

Windstorms, ice storms, fires, lightning and even insect damage can cause trees or large branches to fall on your home and cause extensive property damage.

So how can you tell if a tree poses a danger to your property? What can you do if it does? And will your home insurance policy cover you if a branch or tree goes “timber” right through your bedroom window? Read more



Fire Damage: 888-444-8023

The damage caused to your home by a fire can be extensive and in addition to rebuilding and repairing will include cleaning up water, soot and smoke damage.  The task can be daunting and you should definitely hire a professional to guide you through the process of recovering from this tramatic experience.  AHS professionals are well experienced in Fire Damage Restoration and will help you return your life back to normal.  Contact us with your questions and we can help ease your mind. Read more



As beautiful as she is, mother nature can sometimes be cruel. Year after year, her power and fury causes significant hail and wind damage to thousands of homes across the country.


storm-damage2We Have over a decade of experience Restoring homes involving Storm Damage

LET OUR EXPERIENCE relieve any stress or confusion related to the total restoration process. We handle the entire revised estimating, billing & payment process , so you don’t have any headaches or oversights! American Home Specialists Corp. has has restored thousands of homes do to unforeseen events requiring insurance claims. We communicate and meet with your insurance carrier when this is requested by your insurance carrier to ensure your house is restored to its condition prior to the storm. We ensure the utmost respect and consideration will be given to you in this time of uncertainty.

storm-damage3Don’t Wait on Repairs!

Hail strikes to your roof can lead to leaks, years after the impacts, while you only have a limited time period in which your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of the damage. By not having the repairs done, you may risk a loss in property value, or you may incur repairs at your own expense!

Risks of Ignoring Potential Damage

 Your roof warranty is voided when hit by hail (reference manufacture booklet).
  1. It causes roof leaks within 2-3 years after impact (granule protection is knocked off).
  2. Limitation on time period. If you wait to make a homeowners insurance claim and the period ends, you will have to pay for the repairs instead of your insurance carrier when you experience leaks.
  3. Your home could lose value when sold. Inspectors and appraisers are trained to look for prior damage and will deduct value when it is found.
  4. Your home will steadily decrease in value because the products on your home exterior are substandard, compared to the other residents in your area. These other residents have refurbished their property with an insurance (hail) damage settlement.


Contact AHS to handle you Storm Repair process: 888-444-8023

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